Saturday at Borough Market

Monday, 2 June 2014

Saturday was one of those wonderful days.  The sun was shining, Borough Market was waiting, I'd spent the morning in the gym meaning I could eat as much as I wanted lots, and I was reunited with some of my favourite people - my cousins!

Whenever I visit Borough Market, I always make a beeline for The Flour Station's stall as soon as I arrive so as to snap up one of their almond croissants before they all disappear (I have learnt this the hard way!).  I love almonds but I have always hated marzipan (I know, it doesn't make sense to me, either) and these are the only ones I've found so far that have a deliciously light frangipane filling that doesn't taste like marzipan.  It tastes like almonds and butter and sugar and I love it.

We paused in Le Pain Quotidien for a while, catching up over coffee and a giant (Manhattan, it's called) cookie, fully aware of the irony of sitting down in a cafe right next to a wonderful, bustling market.  But the one thing a market doesn't have is chairs, and sometimes you want the opportunity to chat in a less Aaron Sorkin-like walking and talking sort of way.

We also acquired some Justin Gellatly doughnuts from Bread Ahead. I have never been a doughnut fan (I mean it, never!). This, it turns out, was clearly due to the fact that I had just hadn't yet found a doughnut that I liked.  I LOVED THIS ONE.  (So much so, it needed to be said in caps.)  I can't wait to get my hands on his book and see what else he makes.  I had a brief flick through it while I was there and I'm already excited about the recipe for homemade custard creams!

Suffice to say, I went home laden with treats for the weekend!

(All photos taken on my phone and edited with Instagram!)


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