Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Holocaust Memorial is filled with history and sadness, but also with laughter; children chasing each other around the pillars, friends jumping out at each other, lovers sharing secret kisses when they think no one is looking.  It contains the positivity and joy and life that so many died trying to protect.

The art along the Berlin Wall is more impressive than even photographs give it credit for. Make sure to walk all the way to the end as there's a mini Jamaica waiting for you, equipped with its very own beaches, food huts, and skate park.  The energy there is wonderful.

+ Sit on the lawn opposite the Reichstag and marvel at the fact that it's still standing while so much of beautiful old Berlin was destroyed beyond repair.

+ We visited Brandenburg Gate both at night and during the day.  It has a different energy depending on what time you go.

+ The lines of the Berlin Wall exist the entire length of where it stood in the form of two lines of cobble stones.  Berlin is a city that has recovered and thrived and survived.


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