Santa Strawberries

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Santa Strawberries
(Original inspiration from Leanne Bakes)

12 strawberries, washed
100ml double cream, whipped
a handful of chocolate flakes (I chopped the points off chocolate chips for mine!)
icing sugar to dust (optional)


1. Slice the leafy end off each strawberry so that they sit flat.
2. Slice the tops off to create the hats.
3. Spoon small amounts of whipped cream onto the bases.  Place the hats back on top, and spoon a tiny blob of whipped cream onto them.
4. Carefully place your chocolate flakes on the faces as eyes.
5. Use the end of a small knife or toothpick to place the buttons on the fronts of their 'jackets'.

These are best made on the day of eating, and storing in the fridge if not eaten right away!



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